Welcome to Saint Bernard Parish


We congratulate the following winners of this year’s Festival in the Park Raffle:

          GRAND PRIZE ($500)

                    Arnold & Elsie Radowicz | Crestview, FL

          2nd – 5th Prizes ($250)

                    Dan Hoffman | Madison, WI
                    Rick Kimberly | Madison, WI

                    Mike & Barb Hoffman | Madison, WI

                    Blaskowski Family | Monona, WI

          6th – 13th Prizes ($100)

                    Margaret Bast | Madison, WI

                    Nancy Smith | Madison, WI

                    Patrick Burns | Madison, WI

                    Ruth Phillips | Madison, WI

                    Pat & Helen Leary | Madison, WI

                    Ron & Kathy Last | Madison, WI

                    Ron & Kathy Last | Madison, WI

                    Margaret Bast | Madison, WI

          14th – 17th Prizes ($50)

                    Kari Kenefick | Madison, WI

                    Ed & Joan Klein | Madison, WI

                    William & Carmella Conroy | Madison, WI

                    Scott Kiley | Madison, WI

          Free Parking, 4:30pm Mass

                    Paul Jobst | Monona, WI

          Free Parking, 8:00am Mass

                    Thomas Mallon | Madison, WI

          Free Parking, 10:00am Mass

                    Patricia Grumke | Madison, WI

 *   *   *

Since it was founded in 1907, Saint Bernard Parish has been a religious and social focus of neighborhood life on the east side.  This imposing church building was erected during a decade of heavy construction activity among Madison’s religious institutions, much of which was directed toward serving the rapidly growing suburbs.  The native sandstone structure was the largest Catholic Church in the city when it was built.  The architect, J

ohn Flad, designed many Catholic Churches throughout the Midwest.  In 1981, the church building was designated a Madison landmark.

The mission of the Church is to lead her people to Christ, allowing them to encounter Him in life-changing ways each and every day.  We are blessed to be that channel, helping our people find Christ through prayer, social outreach and through participation in the Sacramental life of the Church.

There is always room for more!  Please – come and join us as we continue in our faith journey!

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Michael Radowicz