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Parish Life

Our Mission
The people of Saint Bernard Parish endeavoring to deepen our relationship with God proclaim the Good News:

Through prayerful liturgical celebrations, education, ministry, hospitality and evangelization. Provide outreach that meets the needs of our local anduniversal community.

Getting Involved
We encourage and invite everyone to become actively involved in our parish ministries and activities. If you are interested in one of our Parish Commissions, or are interested in becoming active in various ministries or events, or you wish further information on ministries described in this book, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for the parish, Dick Rinehart at 249-7288 x224.

Time and Talent forms are available at the parish office, or here to assist you in volunteering.

Religious Education Formation Commission
The purpose of the Religious Education Formation Commission is to further the teaching mission of the Church within the parish and local community for all ages. It acts as a discernment body with the educational leaders in the parish by: providing direction, developing goals, formulating policies, helping with recruitment of commission members and catechists, and giving support to the volunteers.

The Parish Director of Religious Formation and Youth and Family Minister are essential resource persons assisting the Commission in fulfilling its purpose thorugh the implementation of goals, and the writing of regulations, which flow from the policies.

The key of the Church in any age is to preach the Word; to proclaim Jesus Christ, present and active, in a way that is adapted to the culture and the times. The DRF/CRE share this responsibility with the Commission and the teaching staff.Together we strive to assist our brothers and sisters in their journey of faith.

The Religious Education Formation Commission coordinates the following:

  • Religious Formation
  • Generations of Faith
  • Faith Sharing Groups/Bible Study
  • Sacrament Preparation (Baptism. Reconciliation, Eucharist, Confirmation)
  • Rite of Initiation for Adults
  • Adult Formation
  • Marriage Preparation (FOCCUS)
  • Liturgy of the Word for Children
  • Parent Group