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Women Of Saint Bernard

About The Women of St. Bernard
A parish women’s organization was established around 1936 as the Saint Bernard Christian Mothers. In the 1960’s, it was known as Saint Bernard Altar Society, and in 1995 we took our present name, Women of Saint Bernard.

Our mission is to unite all women of Saint Bernard Parish in religious, educational and social activities. Additionally, we assist the pastor in spiritual and material undertakings for the welfare of the parish.

Our organization sponsors and supports several events throughout the year, as well as conducts four business meetings and two general meeting each year.

Annual events include:  Holiday Bazaar, Christmas Cookie Sale, Baby Jesus Shower, Spring Salad Luncheon and Summer Garage Sale.  All events and meeting are published by announcement or flyer in the parish weekly bulletin.  They also appear on the parish events calendar.  We also provide funeral luncheons throughout the year and assist at the Brat and Hot Dog Stand.

 Funds raised go toward parish projects and community activities.  We also maintain two parish kitchens.

Membership includes all women of Saint Bernard Parish.  Annual dues are voluntary.

If you are interested in joining this organization, please contact the Parish Office at 608/249-9256 ext 221 for more information.